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Default Re: a THOUGHT ON certain local lounges....please share..

There's also a new lounge in my local town.
It was a shop where you could eat and go on the internet downstairs and smoke hookah upstairs.

When we came a man walked to us and asked what we wanted to do. We said shisha, and we could walk upstairs.

They had a menu of like 20-30 flavours I think, I don't know what brand of tobacco, but I assume Nakhla and Al Waha since a shisha shop on the other side of the street sells cheam 250gr Nakhla and Al Waha.

We could get 'small', 'large' and 'extra large' hookah, for 5, 7.5 or 10 euros. We took the XL one, I assume the small/large is for the amount of tobacco you get, for 10 euro's, and we all had to buy a drink or so there for 2 euro's. We were with 4 people, so it was 18 euro's. We took watermelon flavour, it was cool, and it lasted for like 60-70 mins.

I liked the bar, but I rather sit at home and smoke shisha
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