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Default Re: a THOUGHT ON certain local lounges....please share..

I'm glad to say that Prince Hookah Lounge here by UK's campus has switched owners in the last couple of months and it turned out for the best.
With the old owner, an Arab family owned it and just hired a bunch of college kids to work there. They served sandwiches and stuff but the kind that you make at home after killing a 12 pack of beer.
They also had cheap Egyptian hookahs and cheap hoses. They also didn't give and tongs or even gave you a free coal 'refill'.
They had chairs and little tables, nothing comfortable like other hookah lounges and there was barely any decoration in it. It looked more like a McDonald's than anything else...

The new owner has it figured out though. A good mix between Western and Arab music is playing all the time, he has MYA hookahs with MYA hoses, gives you free coal refills, and the server actually knows how to set up a bowl. He sits in a chair all day and smokes hookah himself. He's probably in his mid 20s and is Arab himself, so he knows what he's doing.
They also sell SB, AF, Coconaras, Layalina, Fantasia, El Hennway, Nakhla, Golden Layalina, Havana and they sell hoses imported from the Middle East and also Funnels.
The guy knows his art so you can ask him about any of the items there and he can tell you about it.
Turned out for the best....
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