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Default Re: a THOUGHT ON certain local lounges....please share..

Originally Posted by kevin2323 View Post
the thing is since most of us are on this forum we know where to find the best and cheapest products.

you forget that a lounge has to pay bills. once you take that into account some of those rediculous prices you all rant about turns out to be reasonable.
Although I'm sure it does look like many people are complaining about price, most of us understand there is a difference between buying shisha for home use and paying for a session at a lounge.

BUT, there is also a difference between charging a fair price for a good session, and charging an outrageous price for a crappy session.

For example, there is a lounge near me that charges $12 a bowl (max) for up to 4 people on a hookah. There is another lounge that charges $16 a bowl (max) for up to 3 people on a hookah. Which lounge would you choose? Now what if I told you that the $12 lounge had broken and beat up furniture, irritating fluorescent lighting, crappy static-y speakers with somebody's personal iPod on repeat playing, served Ed Hardy shisha as their "premium" shisha, workers who probably don't know the difference between a hookah and a NHT item, and had hookahs that are so grimy I wouldn't touch them with a twenty foot pole? What if I told you that the $16 lounge had comfortable (although worn) furniture, custom lighting including a black light or two, floor lamps, and mood lighting, flat screen tvs set to the WMP type screensaver, a harddrive worth of various (yet appreciated) music, served Tangiers as their premium shisha, used Mya and quality Egyptian hookahs with Mya hoses that are well cleaned every shift with sanitary hose tips as well? Now what if I told you that both of these lounges are owned by recently graduated college students but at only one location are the owners actually involved in their business? Could you guess which?

NOW, would you still go to the cheaper location, knowing that you would receive inferior service?


It comes down to good business practices, not what you charge. I'm more than willing to pony up the extra $4 a bowl plus money for the mandatory drink you must buy to be able to smoke in the better location. In fact, I haven't set foot in the other lounge since I first found it. I am more willing to pay the extra money because I know I will get a better smoke, in a better environment, with better service.

Another way to put this, as you're focused on us talking about price is: When you're hungry would you rather go to McDonald's and get a $3 burger that you know is going to give you heartburn or go to Outback Steakhouse and get a T-bone steak that you'll enjoy eating? If you can't afford any better, you'll get the burger, but you'll still want the steak.
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