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Cool Rubber taste coming from new hookah?


I recently bought a new 10" hookah. I was really looking forward to trying it out, but now I am getting this strange taste coming from it - a rubbery taste. I know what it is from though, my hookah has a rubber nozel that fits into the bottom of the clay bowl at the top to help with air flow

and it has a rubber seal at base grommet.


Both of which smell really rubbery. It washed it with lemon, baking soda and warm water and scrubbed the rubber pieces. But it didn't help. Is there anything I can do about this to get rid of the rubber taste?


I actually haven't even attempted smoking through it yet. I have yet to even light anything on it. Because when I opened up the box I could instantly smell the rubber. And when I took off the glass base - the smell from the base grommet was just as powerful. I hooked up the hose and just took a few breaths through it to see if the taste would acompany the smell. And it did. It was at this point I washed it all.. but the smell still lingers. It is just cheap rubber you think?

Can I buy bowl grommets from smoke shops that sell hookah?

The bowl itself has about a 2 inch width.

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