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Default Re: Rubber taste coming from new hookah?

Originally Posted by DaMann1987 View Post
Even when I'm breathing in through the hookah without anything burning - it still has this rubber taste. It is just cheap rubber you think?

Can I buy bowl grommets from smoke shops that sell hookah?

Also - the base grommet also has that very powerful rubber smell to it without anything even burning.
You can definitely buy new grommets at smoke shops.

Originally Posted by myka View Post
try changing the grommet out, if you don't have an extra grommet use some paper towel or electric tape as a replacement. See if the taste is still there, if not then then you found the problem.

also, try cleaning the grommet, rinse it under hot water and try soaking it in baking soda or even vinegar, it might remove the smell/taste.
Have you used electric tape? I wouldn't recommend it, it will melt at a lower temp than the grommet will. I completely agree with paper towel though.
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