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Naklah: Is quite possible the cheapest tobacco price-wise however some of the flavors are an acquired taste such as Double apple. This brand usually gives a good headbuzz. Check out their review forum -->

Al-Fakher: They have many great flavors and are decently priced. Some of the flavors are hit or miss though. I enjoy their mint a lot! Check out their review forum and see whats right for you -->

Havanna: They are pretty cheap too and have alright flavors. Check out their review forum and see if you like their flavors-->

Starbuzz: They have a ton of awesome flavors, doesn't give many people a head buzz's, and it is moderately is rather expensive. Reviews -->

Hookah-Hookah: I personally dislike this brand however many people find that they have some decent flavors. Like I say to all my girlfriend "Don't knock it till ya try it" . -->

Hookahfreak: They have some alright products... I personally avoid hh & Hf at all costs -->

Being new too hookah I would avoid Tangiers just because it can be quite tricky to smoke and is very heat temperamental.

360: They are a SB knockoff and offer some really good flavors at a decent price. I love their tangerine, sex on the beach, blue mist, and vanilla. -->
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