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No Smoke=Not enough heat

Did you light the coals all the way? The coals you described are are natural logs and light best when put on a electric coil stove, they can not be lit with a cigarette/Bic lighter. It takes a solid 8-15 minutes to light them, flip them over as needed. Perhaps your coals were not all the way lit and thats whey you were tasting the coals.

Have you recently cleaned your hookah? You said it tasted like soap, perhaps it actually was soap from whenever you last cleaned it. Give you pipe a nice washing with hot water and be sure to dry it.

Invest in a wind cover, it really helps to heat the bowl evenly.

read up on how to properly pack those different types of tobacco and see if that helps. The real test would be if you can get it to smoke properly using quicklights(ql). If you use Ql's and it smokes like a champ then you will know for sure that you didn't get enough heat to your tobacco.
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