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Default Re: KM Single Hose vs. Multi?

I agree that single hose pipes will be easier to smoke out of as far as plugging the second (or however many hoses) you have. BUT I've never had problems smoking with friends out of a 2 hose egyptian (8+ people), a simple reminder to plug your hose when not in use usually works just fine (even when smoking at a lounge or at home out of a single hose rig, they still plug the hose ), unless a person is a complete retard you blow some smoke in his face through his unplugged hose and he won't forget to plug it next time.

Also as far as tangling, I've never really had that happen (even with 2 80" narbishes), one side gets one hose, the other side of the table gets another hose and they just pass it amongst themselves.

Autoseal feature is convenient, but it definitely limits the draw.

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