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Default Help with Vortex setup

Based on all the hype around the Vortex bowls I went and ordered myself one. It arrived on Friday so I was rather excited to test it out over the weekend.

I had 2 trial-and-error sessions and I must say I'm rather unimpressed with it at the moment.

I smoked some HF half-baked and Nakhla DA and used similar packing methods for both i.e. packed the tobacco lightly up to the same level as the holes with a very light tap down and made sure that there was no tobacco blocking the holes (Am I underpacking?). Used HD foil with 2 x 1/4 pieces of exotica coals and a wind cover. Without a wind cover I'd have to use 3 coals as the heat just wasn't enough. I poked 3 rings of small holes; one on the outer edge, one in the center around the spire and one in between the outer and center rings.

I've watched a few Hookahpro vids on how to set it up and as far as I can see I'm doing everything right but I don't seem to be getting that smoothness and flavor overdose that everyone is raving about.

This bowl takes a bit longer to get going (compared to an Egyptian anyway) but I managed to get okay-ish clouds from it but the smoke seemed a bit strong and I was getting A LOT of throat tickle which almost never happens when I use my Egyptian bowl.

Any help would be appreciated because I'm beginning to think that maybe I was expecting too much from this thing.

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