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Default Re: Khalil Mamoon Americana Hieroglyphics

Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
So your willing to sacrifice getting what you really want so you can get a mini for your sister? You did say they KM they had was not to your liking. Here is the link to my new KM He has a ton of others to choose from. If you cant find a KM here then they dont make one you like hehe.
There are just so many things blocking me from what i want to buy. Let me try to break it down

- Hookah i want
- Cheaper overall payment
- They don't carry a nammor hose (if i buy from another place, thats extra cost for shipping)

- Overall i get more
- I get a free hookah
- They carry Nammor hoses which i really want.
- Costs more overall for final total
- I won't be getting the hookah i want (within price range)

Also im not trying to purchase a hookah for my sister. I just figured if i got it, it would be a nice gesture. I'm not gonna go out of my way to actually pay for one lol
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