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Default Re: Khalil Mamoon Americana Hieroglyphics

Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
Dont get sucked in by the free mini hookah, you will only be disappointed in the end. I had an awesome buying experience with Alvin was the best! They carry a full line of KM's and their website is clean and easy to navigate. Best of all, they provide awesome customer service during and after the sale. I got the KM shooting star chiller hookah and I must say that thing is nice! My KM Amer has been shelved for a while LOL check out my videos on the shooting star.
Hookah-Shisha also provides great customer service. They are actually one of the best I have dealt with when it comes to that. You can chat with them, email them, and call them if you need to.

After I switched the base for the Mini Mya I got free from them I have started liking it more. It hits just as well as my KM and holds any hose I put in there. I do not believe it is a rig for his sister. Once he tries it he will like it. I actually find I have to force myself to use the KM's over the mini Mya I have.

Now if you don't want any KM's H-S has then that is a different story. However I can tell you from experience that the Mini Mya is awesome. If weight is not a factor check out the Nammor line hookahs. They come with a nammor hose and are great hookahs as well.
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