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Default Re: Why doesn't every one do this?!

Originally Posted by MAD_HATTER View Post
i would rather pay for the quality of the tobacco.... not because the packaging is so "great" or "wonderful"...

if i were to try and sale you dog shit in a paper bag would you buy it... no?!
okay how about if i put this dog shit in a pouch (with a ziplock of course) that has "Dog Shit" labeled all over, now would you buy it?.... NO?!
wtf i thought that is what you wanted lol

see man... packaging means shit if the product is shit
Think of it this way MH. If you had to choose between getting your shisha fresh, moist and, delicious or dry, crusty, and stale, which is better?

Packaging makes all the difference in delivering a fresh product. If they provide you a container that can keep that product fresh after the sale, then you are paying for some convenience. If you have a quality product you should have quality packaging. But yes, if your product sucks, no amount of packaging will help dress up a turd.

How about yogurt in a wax paper cup?
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