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As a newbie myself I started out with Double Apple at the local mediterranean restaurant and loved it. Tried a mocha blend the other night and really enjoyed it too. They have a Extra Sour Apple (don't know the brand) that i love also and a "Jordan Blend" that is amazing. Course they will not give me the recipe for their Jordan Blend.

I guess it all varies from person to person and tastes. Try all you can, when all else fails see if you can get a 50g to sample before buying a larger amount. Some of the members around here seem cool enough where they might "Sell" or trade you a small amount of a flavor for your sampling. My hookah arrives Thursday so my happy days can begin.

The guys around the restaurant (all from Jordan) have made me and my friend some pretty awesome blends. One of the guys was smoking the other night and called us over to smell the blend, he mixes himself a blend of their arabic coffee spices and fresh cardomom when he smokes. Promised to blend me a bowl of it the next time I was there when he was.

If you'd be interested in the next couple weeks as I smoke at home and buy more stuff I'd be willing to trade samples of shisha with you so we can both see what we like.
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