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Default Re: portable windcover?

Originally Posted by erok623 View Post
ive been wanting to get that wind cover myself.. and i bet that h-s will probably never get it again.. but social smoke has a similar one but it doesn't look as good as the one the h-s site. ive been tempted to buy a few times but i don't know it has these prongs on the side which makes me kinda skeptic...but i don't know that's how i fee about it...

here's the link...
hmm, looks like that's worth considering. i guess i'm not surprised the suggestion came from you.. we're outfitting a similar setup. price is right too.. hopefully shipping is reasonable.

no dimensions on the web page. do you know the measurements? have you seen one? would it suit a vortex? don't like the handle placement.. 1st it blocks the top hole (might affect how well the coals burn) and 2nd it's right where heat will move.

good find : )

... and ya, i'm not big on those prongs. the h-s version has a larger full outer rim instead, that goes over the bowl like lid. i'm not sure how i feel about it either... which probably means we're not really liking it, lol

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