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Default Hose and Bowl questions :)

Hey guys so this has been bothering me for a while trying to find the perfect hose to order. I see the hoses with the two balls on them and never knew what they were called. Found out a few, the have the Nammor and Razan which are like the exact same. but i think people still talk about the KM's as being up there with them too i belive they're called "KM pros" and they have like 1 ball instead of the two?? not really sure but which of the 3 or maybe one i didnt mention works best?

and for bowls is about the main three of standard clay bowls, phunnels, or vortexs. i know the vortex and phunnel are supposed to be higher quality bowls and they both do the same function of not letting juice drip and to heat all of the shisha evenly. One thing ive heard is that vortex dont let ash down the stem like phunnels do.

what would you guys recommend ?? thanks
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