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Default Re: Why doesn't every one do this?!

I dont see how adding better packaging can really effect the price of the shisha, nor do I see it changing the quality of already solid brands.

I agree that its kind of pathetic sometimes when I am too lazy to just transfer some tobacco from one thing to another but....w/e.

All I am saying is look at JM's tobacco, its not the greatest quality in the world but they still sell it for a VERY reasonable price and includes a shiney lil tin container AND...zomg this is the cool part...AN EXTRA RESEALABLE BAGGY FOR UR SHISHA!!! Amazing huh?

Nakhla is so far the winner, because their tupperware + their always lower prices x the fact that their tobacco is almost ALWAYS consistant and gr8 quality.

Lets all look at starbuzz and shake our fists in anger for over charging us for glycerin dripping shit lazily tossed into a shiney tin can with only 1 baggy!!! DAMN THEM TO HEAAAAAAAALz.

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