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Default Re: Nakhla Problems

Originally Posted by Scarcity View Post
I personally dislike the overpack, but I find that the dense pack works well, as described by Sonofgram. Pack to the rim, fluffy style, and then pack it down.
I'll break it down some, assuming 4/4 is the highest you want your fluff pack to go (a few mm away from the foil) you'll pack down to like 2/4. I add another fluffy pack back up to 3/4 which in a small bowl is like 5 leaves :X. I don't fill it all the way back up because the heat will make the dense pack expand. Also make sure to poke holes all the way through to all the holes.
Hmm, it sounds like SOG's pack method is a way to go. I'm definitely going to try it with my Nakhla Coconut tomorrow.

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