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Default Re: Why doesn't every one do this?!

Originally Posted by DRMALIKIA View Post
Think of it this way MH. If you had to choose between getting your shisha fresh, moist and, delicious or dry, crusty, and stale, which is better?
are you trying to imply that because its in a zipper bag it wont leak and will be fresh? i dont know how many af tubs ive gotten that were leaking through their bag. i even got one that was leaking through the tub (the box looked like the shipper ran it over with a truck a few times tho). i think eric got it right with putting it in a vacuum sealed bag then wrapper. id always hate taking off the shrink wrap, opening the box then opening a bag then unwrapping the platic wrap to get to it.

Originally Posted by BDP View Post
But if it's a 50 gram you'll finish it in a couple days so none of those are really an issue other than the cost.They have a zipper and the bag comes in a box.
well if it goes so fast why does it matter? also i dont buy 50g because
a) tangiers doesnt come in 50g
b) thats like 2 bowls totals and
c) if you scale it up to 250g price its way more expensive
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