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Default Hookah Sicknesss

Just curious. Last night I was doing a session using holland QL's. After a while i was feeling sick as shit. You know that "pukey" feeling, light headed, no color in face. I was smoking hookah hookah, so i dont think it was the shisha.

I would light the coals and set them in the ash tray to let them light up, once they were ashed over i would rotate them onto the bowl. This is only my second time doing this by myself so i know i've got to be screwing something up.

I wonder if i was hitting it too hard. (thats what she said)

Also, I know that alot of you guys use ******* Coals, or Coco coals do you think that the QL's are a part of what made me feel like shit?

Anyone willing to maybe ship me a few different types of coals to try? Of course i would be happy to paypal some cash, i just dont want to build up a shitload of coals i'll never use.

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