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Originally Posted by Kelsey View Post
I wouldn't say anybody, I've been smoking shisha for 6 years and still hate both of them.
I mostly hate double apple because it doesn't taste like the flavour it describes and I just don't like the licorice taste, most people I speak to don't like it either. Mint I don't hate, I just find that it tastes like mouthwash or toothpaste, the only time I'll have it is if it's mixed with chocolate.
Most of the 15 and 16 year olds that frequent my local hookah bars are the only ones I ever see ordering double apple and mint. I think most people like them because that's what they start off smoking, at least that's what the hookah bar owners always recommend.
Waffle must have given up.

Young people asking for DA and Mint, that's funny. Most people that I know steer clear of traditional and go for the sweet stuff. Not saying I don't like the sweet stuff, because I do, but finding people that like traditional is hard, especially the younger people. Why do you think SB is so popular and people pay whatever. SB is what young and new hookah people look for. It is what they think hookah is and what it should be. While you have been smoking for 6 years, I believe you still have a lot to learn.

Next thing you know you will be telling us only young kids like DM and that it is not what hookah is all about.
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