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Default Re: Newbie Flavor

It depends on what you like.

Do you like artificial, 'modern' flavours like Cosmopolitan, Incredible Hulk, or something like that.

Or do you like fruit/natural flavors like Peach, Mint, Rose, Apricot.

If the modern flavors tickle your pickle (), then you should look into Starbuzz, Fantasia, Golden Layaline.

These will normally give you huge clouds with nice, thick smoke. It's also good for beginners since they don't really have a buzz and are easily managed when it comes to heat.

If you like the fruity, natural flavors, look into Nakhla, Layalina, and Al Fakher. Be careful with Al Fakher though, they've been having some manufacturing problems and putting out some bad batches.

These will normally give you medium smoke and a good to strong buzz.

My advice? Mix it up! I used to smoke Nakhla all the time, now I somehow find myself drawn to the overpriced, sweet brands like Starbuzz and Fantasia. I've been resisting the urge and have not bought any though, but I don't know how much longer I'll last.

What I've noticed with some Nakhla flavors is that after smoking it for a longer time, it almost repells me the the point where I don't even want to smell it. In times like those, I'm glad to have a variety of brands in my stash.
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