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Default Re: What kind of Hookah?

Originally Posted by DaSebsch View Post
See if it's air tight.

Put the hose and everything in it, put your hand on the top of the stem where the bowl normally sits and see if you can get a draw.
If your hand gets sucked down and you can't inhale through it, then it's air tight.

If you can still get air through, it's leaking.

Do that, tell us the results and we'll go from there!
Thanks for your advice. At this moment I do not have my own hose at home. But I have tried it with a cobra hose.
And I could not inhale trough it. So the problem is the hose. I searched the internet but could not find any images of my hose type.
It is longer and thicker then those hoses sold on websites.

Also the mouthpiece is removable and thats exactly where I think the air is coming out.
Because the smoke is better when you push the mouthpiece. Could this be fixed?
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