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Default Hookah-Rator *with videos*


Information and first test

Ice and Salt

Hey some of you might know that ive been building an external cooling mechanism for my hookah.

The original design

was a little to big. so when i got home and saw the size of the cooler i modified it a little. then used electrical tape to test and see if this idea was worth it... and let me tell you from the test.. that lasted about 15mins before the pipes flooded was amazing. it was like the breeze you get when you open the fridge on a hot summer day. but i want more
so i got to work this morning and improved the whole idea.
Here is some concept art of the new and improved Hookah-Rator.

Once the glue dries i will take a better pic. but so you have an idea of what it looks like.
I hope that by the time work is out i can use it.. dont no yet till that time comes. i will also post a video when i get it going for your visual needs

if you have questions feel free to ask

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