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Default Re: A finer draw + thicker smoke..

Originally Posted by gnuworldorder View Post
im not a fluids engineer but it really doesnt makes sense about concentrating it. it would be like using a thinner straw it just takes longer because less comes through right? ill ask one of my grad student friends tonight.
Maybe this will help explain it. Could not find the correct CFM diagram to do this justice so I just winged it, hope this helps. Basically think of smoke as only so much being generated when you take a draw on the hose. Regardless of how fast you take a hit, the smoke generation is fixed. Therefore a massive hit, when mixed with a large amount of air, just washes the smoke out. In contrast, a slower steadier hit will take as much smoke as the shisha generates and thus allows you to accumulate more smoke using a smaller volume of air. At least that is how I rationalize it to myself, I like the large hoses for the volume of air but, you should still draw on them slow.

I remember someone taking about taking three quick puffs on the hookah to get it going and then taking a longer draw. All about maintaining a steady draw and taking just as much, not more, of what your tobacco can generate via smoke.

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