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Default story time: broken bowls...

so i ordered the discounted 3 hose egyptian "legend" off of

i knew what i was getting into considering it was discounted to $55, but it was guaranteed to be funtional so i went ahead with it. it came in and all was well, but the 2 egyptian clay bowls it came with were TERRIBLE. they were all deformed and 1 of them had a huge chip in the bottom where it connects to the stem.

so i go to put on the better of the two bowls and it shatters as i slide it onto the stem... okay, i have another one so whatever. i GRAB the second one by the bottom using no pressure and it crumbles in my hand lol....

and to make things worse, i went to throw it over my friends fence cuz i was pretty pissed off and i cut my wrist on the fence as i threw it lol, nothin deep though

needless to say i was not the least bit happy that i cant use my new hookah till i get a new bowl, but i guess i got what i paid for right?

....and that was my saturday night lol
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