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Default Re: Best site to buy KM's/discount codes

I'm new to hookah, so I spent time on HP and Youtube learning and listening, and from what I learned, it appeared that www.**********.com had 10/10, A++ customer service! I have completed my first order from John at HJ, and the reviews were right on the money. John's customer service and product are unbeatable! - So because you read the reviews and bought something and are now giving an A+ review you don't consider yourself biased or coerced? Did HJ not throw in a freebie? I heard he sometimes does....

Now I'm a newbie, regular member here, and I have paid for the items I have reviewed, so I feel that common sense would lead anyone to believe my opinion is unbiased since my shisha and hookah were paid for, and not free or a giveaway.(Not necessarily true, because you are new here and I don't know you from Adam). Now I love to see vendors support HP and hookah smokers, but put your money where your mouth is, then rate something... A review is never unbias if you were coerced into doing it! You get free shisha and you give your honest opinion. We BEG you to rate honeslty and openly, Nobody is coerced into anything, just to abide by the rules. You must do a review(s) in return for the shisha you are given.Get free shisha or don't. Your choice. Sounds like a damn good deal to me.
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