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Default Re: A finer draw + thicker smoke..

Originally Posted by DRMALIKIA View Post
Yeah, I am going to go ahead and disagree with that. We are talking volumes and densities here and that logic is not sound. For example:

You have two glasses of juice. One is frozen (condensed) and one is normal shelf juice (water added). The flavor intensity in the condensed juice will be far superior to the water downed juice. Just because it has juice in it, does not mean they both are the same intensity. If I hold a mouth full of chopped jalapenos or one seed, I bet I am going to know the difference. Regardless of the time spent in your mouth, the larger quantity of jalapenos is going to fuck me up verse the single seed.

Where the taste comes from is your "NOSE" not your mouth. 70-75% of your taste is from your nose. That is why you "taste" the hit as you exhale and more so if you blow it out all valves and not just your mouth. So the more dense the smoke, the more your nose has to sample and the increase in sensation you experience.

Not badgering just disagreeing with your logic my friend.
Lol, I have to admit, the moment we move from speculation into actual scientific theories, I end up in way over my head. The diagram may as well have been an entirely different language!

But, continuing in my own speculation, if we're talking about flavor, we can't think that simply the speed that smoke is traveling increases the flavor. I mean, maybe, there are crazier things out there. But I still doubt it. But, if the speed that air is passing over the tobacco increases or decreases the flavor itself, then that would definitely make a difference.

Is that what is being suggested? I'd be lying if I said I understood much of the jargon from the last few posts.
This is my:
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