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Originally Posted by forecastle View Post
great vid and nifty gadget. I saw that you said that if you blew air on the hose it would make condensation. Does the smoke get cold enough that when mixed with the water vapor you get any waterish liquid spirting through the house or in your lungs?
Just think of a giant still like structure used to make whiskyes and such, they force the steam through a cold copper tube to turn the steam back into a liguid.
um, not really sure what your asking. but i think something like a distillery. no for that to work you need extreme hot into cold. or cold into hot. this isnt as extreme im sure there is minor condensation everywhere. but not to the point where im getting water build up lol
i didnt just make a hookah brewery haha if thats what your asking

Originally Posted by oSPANNERo View Post
That was great video... and nice Crown Hookahs plug!
thanks, someone wanted me to snap some pics so im going to do that in the next day or so. so keep an eye out for those

Originally Posted by gnuworldorder View Post
is that your house you are smoking at? it looks terrifying. cool shit none the less
its the lounge lol, its only like that cuz the lack of light, it was like 8pm when i finally got to shooting the video tried to light enough for my phone to capture. if it bright enough you might have seen the coolness of the place. bob marley posters/tarps. sublime, hendrix and all sorts of crazy art on the walls. shit the room is painted red yellow and green lol it was dark so in conclusion i will just leave it at your scared of the dark lol
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