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Default Re: A finer draw + thicker smoke..

Originally Posted by DRMALIKIA View Post
It does if you think of the hookah system as having maximum fixed variables that produce that magically dense white cloud of smoke. There is a maximum amount of smoke that you can generate based on heat and air volume before the volume of air washes out the density of smoke your tobacco can produce.

Same goes for the heat. The threshold of the coals generating heat before the shisha burns is your cut off point. All those variables go into the density of the smoke and the volume of air you need to pull in order to hit that magic sweet spot where everything lines up. Change any of the variables and the system adjusts based on the inputs, heat, air volume, wetness of the tobacco, etc.

You can take a fast hit or slow hit, it does not really matter to be honest. If your system cannot generate the smoke at a volume that keeps up with your draw, your just sucking air.
Ok, I like Petru am out of my scientific depth, but I should point out that it seems as though you're treating air flow and heat as independant variables. The air flow provides increased oxygen to the coals allowing them to get hotter, my theory is that with a wide gauge you'd pull more air in a given amount of time, generate more heat and thus more smoke. All things constant (including the amount of force you pull with), in the same amount of time with a narrower hose you'd pull less air, generate less heat and less smoke.

Anyone got any scientist friends?
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