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Default nak overpack thanks to dee

i just got done smokin some nak peach and thanks to dee it was amazing
used his overpack technique and wow. i highly reccomend it and im going to write up my manuel on how to do it, in prep to starting posting videos.

this technique is deff worth it, brings out the flavor.
its a trial and error thing but ima try and make it easy

alright, to start

1. get ur nak, mix it up, what ever make it ready to pack.

2. if your using nats, time to start the stove,

3. get your eqyptian bowel. lol. pack it loosely, way more than normal, u want more shisha above the brim than in the bowl. more is better.

4.foil, get it out, cut it to size, what ever you do. tightly wrap it around the bowl. this packs the shisha for you. lightly press down on the top of it. make it relativly tight, not funnel bowl tight but tight.

5. holes. this may vary bowel to bowl. so yea. poke holes around the brim of the bowl, pretty much on the brim. then poke a dime sized ring in the middle, then one in the middle. the center wholes u shld push all the way down to the bottom of the bowl.

6. now your coals shld be ready so grab everything and head to the hookah.

7. now this is the hard, important part. cooking. you kinda wanna cook it like zaghoul. the goal is to sear/cook the top layer to the foil to make a layer btw the coals and the bottom shisha. put your coals on for about 15-30 seconds the rotate them, keep doing this till u have made about 3 circles around the bowl.

8. take one coal off and set the other in the middle of the foil and let it cook for about 3 minutes. check ur smoke and see if its still harsh, if it is waite a lil longer.

9. now u are ready to smoke. put both coals on the edges. and enjoy. if its still harsh, purge and let it sit or rotate your coals.

10.:hook ahsmiley:

i recommend ice in the base to make the smoke thicker and cool the smoke. this technique rocks for nak, wldnt smoke it without it. refer to dee`s vid for more instruction
i may or maynot have pics to add to this
later and happy smoking
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