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Default Community Pride

I'm a member of a lot of online forums for all kinds of different things. I just wanted to take a minute to commend this community in particular. Of all the boards I belong to, this is the only one with such a rich sense of community pride and camaraderie. For the most part, this community is patient and respectful (something most others lack) as well as extremely informative and helpful.

The 'Elite' status is especially telling. Near as I can tell, there are no functional perks or incentives to becoming an elite, yet many have donated and become elites anyway; simply to help improve and support the community they love.

In a world that provides us a digital smoke screen to let us do any say whatever rude, immature and disrespectful things we may be thinking or feeling about other people, HookahPro rises above that and functions, in many ways, like a real-life community that helps and cares for one another.

So, I just wanted to say kudos to HookahPro and its members for helping to make a really enjoyable place to interact online. Kudos especially to Sam and the mods for not abusing their position simply because they can, but rather engaging like everyone else, helping and being helped daily.

Very cool. I feel privileged to be a member here.

That is all.
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