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Default Re: anyone else order some coconaras recently

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
Nope they absolutely DO NOT smell like crap .. I absolutely love these coals .. If you walked into my house you would see a box of Coconaras and Exoticas on my fridge next to my stove. I like to think I know what it good and what is not. These are my coals of choice for sure! I don't notice a distinct odor when lighting them and they both last a long time.

Quicklights are terrible to light inside! Yuck! NEVER light quicklights inside they stink! If you can do naturals, do them instead .. but even naturals can have a bad smell when lighting.
Yeah.. most people here root for naturals.. but the places i normally smoke, except for one, i don't have the option to use them. I have a a box of Coconaras, and sadly i haven't gotten to use them yet because I haven't smoked at the friends house where i can use them.
Anyway, i get what you are saying, the box of Cocos i have aren't perfect cubes i dont think.. have you noticed that they work better with the slightly refined shape? or does it not really make a difference?
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