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Default Re: ok need help picking

If you have your heart set on one of those three then I would have to say the third. While I have no experiance with dirtcheaphookah or how they work that one look to be on of the newer saharasmoke models and, if this is true, then you may have a better chance at fighting rust if it is a newer model vs. some chinese pipe (this may also not be the case. just talking from a glance). Now as for the 45 bucks. Manjack is right that alot of people rave about their mya qt's. I've never really heard any bad words from their owners which makes for a good review on them. Now, there is also the option of a hobonarghile which now has a new model that seems to be getting a big buzz around here. And, if you did pick one of those then you would not have to worry about keeping it anywhere persay because it is so versital.
Anyway, I hope with whatever you get iworks great! let us know what you choose =]
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