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Default Hookahpro graffiti in the the Prince Hookah Lounge bathroom??

So I was at Prince Hookah Lounge which is the local lounge here in Lexington. I went to the bathroom and noticed that the top half of the wall is all around chalkboard. So, I put my initials up there and walk out after handling my business in there.
45 mins later, I walk in there again, and they were staring me right in the grill. Letters that said "".
The lounge wasn't really full so I guess I'd recognize whoever wrote it on there, but as of right now, I have no clue who it was.
So, there are 2 point to this thread:

1) Show how famous hookahpro is


2) To see if whoever wrote that on there will read this and let me know that there are other people from Lex-town on this forum.

So congrats, peoples, we're all famous!
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