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Default Re: A finer draw + thicker smoke..

Originally Posted by DRMALIKIA View Post
Where the taste comes from is your "NOSE" not your mouth. 70-75% of your taste is from your nose. That is why you "taste" the hit as you exhale and more so if you blow it out all valves and not just your mouth. So the more dense the smoke, the more your nose has to sample and the increase in sensation you experience.
This is true, the tongue involvement in taste is very limited. When smoking the only part of the flavor your tongue is perceiving is the sweetness or sourness of the flavor. Everything else is from smoke that goes up the pack of your throat and into your nasal passages. I'd suspect that with the narrower gauge of the hose, the flow rate is decreased (obviously). This means it takes longer for you to fill you lungs. This increase in fill rate means the smoke has more time to travel up into you nasal passages, allowing you to better "taste" the flavor of the tobacco.
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