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Unhappy Terrible news, New pipe to no pipe?!

I was out of town for a few days visiting my parents while I'm on my college spring break and my buddy called me to let me know that my new Km Silk Butterfly just arrived and that he can't wait to smoke it with me.

SO I just got back in town today and he was driving over to my place with my brand new Km still all wrapped up in the packaging which it was shipped in when he was in a nasty car accident. He was rear ended by someone going 50 or 60 mph when he was stopped at a red light. When I found out this news I was so upset that my friend could possible be injured or worse. Thank god that he was let out of the hospital after 6 hours and was okay he was just shaken up with minor bruises. His car on the other hand needs extensive repairs and may need to be replaced.

Unfortunately for me my new pipe was in his trunk I have no idea if it is broken or not because his car was towed away, so I'll find out when we get his car back tomorrow if everything is okay. It was my brand new order from John with a Km, a vortex, some tobacco, a narbish, and a wind cover.

I was so excited to have smoke my new pipe with my friend however it just really put things into perspective: I can get a new pipe, I can get new tobacco, He can get a new car, but if anything had happened to him I couldn't just get a new best friend like him.

Guys please take a minute out of your day to tell the people in your life that you really love them and greatly appreciate everything they do for you because you never know when things will take an unexpected turn.
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