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Originally Posted by thomas_j_smith View Post
I think Spanner has the shisha issue right on! I'm thinking the hookah is a no problem carry on, but customs would tax or just sieze the shisha... Just not worth the problem when you can buy it here!
the new hookah need time to become good , and my hookah is old and have gr8 flavor.

Originally Posted by jdansby1 View Post
Yep, but with customs flying into the country it MIGHT even be a hassle with the hookah. I'm actually typing this message from St. Martin in the Caribbean islands and I wanted to bring one of my hookahs SO badly to smoke with over spring break, but I called ahead and talked to someone in the customs office at the Miami airport and they said I "could" bring it, but it could have turned into a huge hassle with customs.
omg ..

i changed my mind , ill leave my hookah home
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