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I used to do airport security, and I have flown internationally with a hookah. Spanner pretty much nailed it. Do not try to fly with coals first off. They are obviously a safety hazard. You would be safest with a brand new never been smoked hookah. Like he said, be sure to mention it up front and not act like you're trying to hide anything. They will appreciate this. I was a civilian contractor in Iraq, where I picked up this wonderful habit. When we were flying back, we took a military flight from Baghdad to Amman Jordan. Our bags were searched right on the tarmac. Every one of our hookahs were pulled, and we were told "drug paraphernalia is not permitted for the armed forces." My buddy (in the national guard) spoke up and said "We are over here as civilians, we can do drugs if we want to." The person searching our bags said "good point" and allowed us to fly with them. When we got back to the USA, customs asked "where are you coming from?" we said Baghdad, and customs replied "welcome home" We got by with no search what so ever. I hope my info helps you, and hope you enjoyed the story.
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