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Very often the titles of a particular tobamel, mu'essel, tumbâk or jurâk is named for a region or city (ex. El-'Esfahâny = Ispahan or Bahreyny = Baharain ) or reference to nobility as aristocrats were the original consumer base for narghile stuff ( ex. = 'El-bâshâ the pasha ) . Often the variety of tobacco used in the production of the mu'essel is in the name as the case with Al Ajamy which is made from ajamy leaf ( of the Nicotiana Alata Persica family of leaf ) or Samsun Maden-Canek which is a very famous ultra-premium tobacco from Turkey's Black Sea Coast. Often the company or a particular mu'essel is named for a poet as traditionally poets smoke for inspiration supposedly giving us products like Fuzûlî, Al Buhturi, Manthnani and such like. Often the term Halva ( meaning sweet or honey ) or a local variant is affixed to the brand name to denote that the product is not a tumbâk or jurâk paste which are seasoned with flowers, spices and herbal oils of various sorts. In the case of the famous or Bachi-Bagli Halva the first two words are a reference to the way the leafs are tied and translates as “tied at the head" denoting the care taken in a labour intensive processing method and that the leaves are then made "sweet" via the infusion of some sort of treacle.

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