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Default Re: DM got me thinking

The general Hookah smoker and the Hookah Market has moved away from the traditional tobaccos to a more modern/Yuppie/in thing kind of approach. This leads to more flavored tobaccos with a hype on Clouds for effect.

The old school smokers still prefer the traditional style of Tobaccos which is little known or hard to come by. There is still a vast untapped reservoir of little known or unheard off Tobacco's out there. Hajo had in the past introduced us to what he could find and he has when he could sent samples out to the members.

I think we as members here at Hookah Pro are fortunate that we got the insight on so many different Tobaccos and Tobacco styles for our beloved Hookahs. There is so many manufacturers of Hookah Tobacco in Jordan whose products has not even reached the American Market.

Moh'd & Zaki Sehwail Co.Moasel Bisan Tobacco
Seasons For Tobacco Molasses Supply And Manufacturing Company
Sibai Factory For Moassal
Middle East For Tobacco Co.
Intl Tobacco & Cigarette C.
Emad Eddin Factory Tobacco.
Al Raqi For Sweated Tobacco &. Tobacco Packing (Makes the base for Starbuzz)
Al Faraneh Factory For Tobacco.
Abu Shaban Tobacco Factory.
Eastren Tombac & Tobacco Est (Cleopatra and Saloum and Al Afandi Molasses)

To name but a Few.

In India which is Traditionally seen as the Birth Place of the Hookah there is just as many styles of Tobacco of which Desi Merli is but One.

The only way is to keep one's eyes open and talk to the members of the middle Eastern and Indian Communities regarding the Tobaccos the smoke.
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