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Default Woohooo my hookah came in the mail

Well I finally got my hookah in the mail today. Got a Mya Bambino, vortex bowl, narbish hose, and some assorted shisha from ********** - Thanks for everything HJ and thanks for answering my stupid questions when I would send you some.

Went over to a buddies and decided to set everything up while we cleaned out his garage (our general hang out/car workshop) and all I can saw is wow.

Packed the vortex bowl using Hookah Lungs packing method (awesome video btw and thanks for it man) with Nak Double Apple. Really enjoyed it and just kinda cleaned and blew smoke rings (still working on the rings, can usually get a couple from a single pull though sometimes I seem to do better and blow 5 or 6 in a row). Smoked for a little over an hour. Was using the CH quick lights which are still kind of a pain to light. If you get irritated like I do a propane torch lights them well.

Only compliant I had was when I tried the Mya hose just because, blew it out really well to make sure nothing was in it. First draw on it, stuff starts hitting the back of my throat. Coughed some up and it looked like plastic pieces, needless to say I tossed then thing back in the box and have no plan on using it.

Just wanted to do this post to say I had an awesome experience and thank you all for having this forum. I have learned a lot already and see there is still a ton to learn. My buddy and I had an awesome smoke and now the garage smells great. Going to place an order in the next couple of days for a phunnel bowl and some different flavors of shisha.

Trying AF cinnamon tomorrow!
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