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Default Re: Just need some help identifying my new hookah

To me (note: I m not holding the pipe), the stem looks more like plated (possibly nickel) brass.

Other Egyptian manufacturers use the water lillie as a 'logo' of sorts so that doesn't mean that is a KM.

If it were a KM I m surprised it didn't come with a KM stamped tray. Did the hose it came with have a tag on it?

I would say its a KM, but it is a stem I don't recall seeing and the hose port looks a tad bit off. But keep in mind I ve been out of the hookah scene for 6+ months.

Also there is no such thing as 'KM' glass. They source all their glassware; if it has their name on it or not, it doesn't matter. It comes from a variety of sources.

Either way its a nice rig.
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