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Default Unlucky night

So tonight we had a hookah sess at my friends house.
My friend light the natural coals and cleaned some of the dirty bowls. While washing the vortex, its broke on the spire. then my friend.. who has managed not to knock any coals over at his own house.. pull over the hookah. I managed to catch it, but it dropped 3 freshly lit coconaros on the floor. But we managed to smoke 2 bowls, so that wasn't so terrible. And then my friend started cleaning the egpytian bowl, and it cracked across the bottom. *sigh*
No we only have the 2 mya bowls... which i only use on the mya hookahs, and 2 mod bowls. Thank god i ordered those 2 mod bowls the last big order of shisha. All in all though... it was a night that made me think i shouldn't leave the egpytian hookah i went halfsies on a year ago at the house of the guy who paid for the other half since he broke 2 bowls and dropped 3 coals in one night.. lol. I just had to tell you guys how ridiculous of a night it was.
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