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Default Hookah problem

I purchased a Cyclone something-or-other from SaharaSmoke a while ago and I've been having a problem that has been getting worse and worse lately. The hose port has fused to the stem for one, so it's very hard to address this problem... any ideas on how to get these two apart would be great. I haven't tried much on that front so maybe it just needs some hot water and hard lovin', heh...

Anyways, the big thing is the ball bearing in the hose port. Taking huge hauls on this hookah is alright for the most part but if you have someone with baby lungs or that doesn't inhale hard enough the ball bearing will get stuck almost everytime.

Had a few friends over last night and we got to talking about what it could be and possible fixes. One asked if the ball bearing was once grooved with a spiral design or something so that it wouldn't stick and I'm not really sure. I did have the ball bearing rigged with some tin foil for a while but I'm looking for a more permanent fix.

I think the first problem might solve the second as it may just need a real good cleaning, but I remember this problem being around long before the hose port stuck.

I'm damn near ready to give up on this friggin' thing and get a KM from **********. I've only ever heard great things.

Any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated.
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