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Default Re: Acclimating in NJ

Originally Posted by DanyalAkkaya View Post
I got Tangiers New Lime.

It has been acclimating for like 3 days now LOL It still reeks of bbq.

I had one session with it and it was horrible. I know how to pack it because I have been smoking the lucid version and I have had no problems with that.

I use coconaras.

It is raining like crazy over here. I now have it spread on a big a$$ piece of foil, hopefully this will work out.
Well, first off, if you're letting it sit out for 3 days thats beyond overkill. 6-8 hours maximum, then put it back in a sealed container and let it sit for a day or two. Three days of open air exposure does nothing, other than potentially exposing it to more humidity fluctuation.

Second, lucid is packed far more loosely and requires more heat than noir, so you're probably underpacking and scorching it.

Third, Humidity shock with tangiers generally results in less flavor, but I've never had it be so drastic as to remove or change a flavor entirely.

Finally, are you sure you're smelling BBQ and not Tobacco ? Honestly, New Lemon-Lime has a very dark smell to it, and burns my nose out of the package. Its a much more zesty flavor than others I've had, but its quite fantastic. Actually smoked it yesterday with no issues at all.

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