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Default Re: A finer draw + thicker smoke..

Originally Posted by Mackmaven View Post
Ok, I like Petru am out of my scientific depth, but I should point out that it seems as though you're treating air flow and heat as independant variables. The air flow provides increased oxygen to the coals allowing them to get hotter, my theory is that with a wide gauge you'd pull more air in a given amount of time, generate more heat and thus more smoke. All things constant (including the amount of force you pull with), in the same amount of time with a narrower hose you'd pull less air, generate less heat and less smoke.

Anyone got any scientist friends?
But realize smoke generation is a fixed system. You will only pull so much smoke based on heat, oxygen and airflow. The narrow versus broad hose is really irrelevant when you consider that a broad hose can draw and have just as much density of smoke when compared to it's narrow counter part. The premise here is that you are more likely to reach that threshold of smoke density (and not burning your shisha) on a system when that draw is reduced thus forcing you to pull a denser cloud when compared with a larger air volume.

You saw I contradicted myself there, if you can draw a massive cloud off a broader hose and maintain your density based on airflow you are in like Flin. My personal thought process as I have stated is that you will pull a more dense cloud if you are being forced to reduce the air flow going into your mouth. Sound like it is time for Mr. Wizard to make a video.
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