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Default weird taste

i'm a total noob i'm not even sure if i can describe this taste but its sort of like a chemical/acidic type taste i get when i am smoking my egyptian hookah...

i recently got some AF golden rose and when i smoked it in my hookah..i got this weird chemicl/acidic harsh taste which kinda hurt my throat too..but then i took the AF golden rose over to a buddy's place and smoked it in his small tasted so pure and ...clean! it was like completely different then what i had tasted in my hookah....!

whats going on? i came home and thoroughly cleaned out my hookah and smoked it again...still the same...

so in my setup... i have an egyptian sphynx hookah ...standard egyptian bowl..i had it going with two starlight coconut naturals and a wind cover..whereas at my buddies place..we just had one quicklight and no wind cover...

is this even possible ?
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