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Default Re: Your newbie mistakes

Made my first noob mistake last night.

Started off smoking AF Cinnamon. My buddy loves cinnamon and was in heaven, I am not a cinnamon fan and it was making me cough like crazy. We finish that up and decide to clean the hookah and try AF Grape with Mint.

I set everything back up and we get started and OMG heaven. Cool crisp taste, excellent flavor, awesome smoke. It gets late so we wrap it up and I pick up my hookah to clean it and go "What the hell?".

I had filled the base with ice, no water. Completely forgot the water. We were listening to music and had a forced air induction heater running. All the noise plus the hookah sitting on the floor caused me not to listen for the bubbling or look into the base.

Live and learn Twas good smoking but I'm sure would be better. We all laughed and I told them next weekend we could try Grape with Mint again, this time with water in the hookah!
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