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Default New Nakhla packaging/cut?

I bought a 50gr pack of Nakhla double apple about a week ago for the same price that I usually buy for.
Now, I noticed right away that there was no sticker on it (there usually is over here). Also, the box smelled more like cardboard than usual.
Once I opened the box, it only came in one layer of plastic wrapping (usually comes in two.) The tobacco was more compressed, but when I took it apart to fill a bowl I noticed that:
1. The cut was much smaller and without stems, sort of like Soex.
2. The tobacco was very juicy, much more juicy than normal.
3. It might've been redder too.

When I started smoking it, it was the same ol' Nakhla DA, except with more flavor (or maybe that was placebo). Just wondering what's going on here :P

Also just wanted to add that I haven't seen any more packs like that since last week when I bought it.
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