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Default If your going to Chicago you need to try these places out

I had spring break last week so me and a couple of my friends decided to take a trip to Chicago. We got there and decided to look up some hookah stores in the area. We found a pretty good hookah store that I am very glad we found. The place was Guess hookah and it was lined with shisha and coals and had amazing prices. They had a huge selection of romman, starbuzz, tangiers, layalina, nakhla, and al fakher, fantasia, and two other brand that I was not sure about. The good part about them was 250 nakhla mizo was only $8, 250 starbuzz was 18.99,250 Romman was 17.99, 250 al fakher and layalina was 10.99. The guy was friendly and nice seemed like he knew what he was talking about. I bought about $80 dollars worth of stuff and got quite a bit. They have an online site that has the same prices, but they do not sell tangiers or Romman online. So the trip is well worth it. I also went to a very cool hookah bar. I am from the suburbs of Indianapolis and there are only a few hookah bars near me and they are not all that great. So we just randomly picked one from google to visit and I am glad that we did. It was called Samah and you have to make reservations. The set up is really cool and alright pricing. You get to go into these private rooms where you can adjust the curtains. There are pillows lining the floor and it is really chill. The smoke session was descent and I finally got to try tangiers schnozzberry. They also have an extensive menu around 80 flavors and different brands. I recommend anyone try these two places out if you go to Chicago. If you guys have any other experiences it would be cool to hear about them so I can start planning my next trip there.
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